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diamond-deal-au sell diamond rings without putting the proper description in the body of the advertising.Instead, they put it down the bottoms in the "terms & conditions".

This is shady advertising as far as I'm concerned and ebay don't do a damned thing about it!When you send an item back, you don't get a refund, you get a credit so that you have to buy another one of their ugly rings unless you go into the high-priced bracket...then you might as well pay for a descent item at a jewellers!

They're shonky!!!!


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:grin :) 8) :(

Ha ha ha I got your diamonds diamond deals au and well you cant have them back nope never.cracks or no cracks.*** people you are so easy to knock you guys off.all it took was another two purchases and a lie to match your lies promises and deceit and bang .You are not getting your diamonds back for sure.Take me to court (i will win) call my home and mobile all hours of the night treaten my son on phone(ha ha had the line traced by telstra and got you).I have your diamonds and now yep you have been kicked off ebay.Why Me!!!,my solicitors handed ebay the lot, yep ilegally taped you too ***, cany use it in court but ebay and paypal listened to it).I told you from the start that I would not rest and hold your company responsible for the treatment I got, and every other person that you ripped off mistreated and stole from.Thats what you get for ripping off a man and lady that earn 750k + a year.yep money to burn on lawyers courts and guess what yep people that will collect yep .I told the man that threatend my 11 yo son on phone at 11pm, while his mum was at work, that I will get him to one way or other.well now you cant trade now whats gunna happen will have you wondering when the bell will toll for you.Yep i know who you are and will recover from you my earn.Diamond deal you treatend the wrong nice man.


I am happy to see they have been suspended from ebay.They better not turn up back on there again.they are a shonky operation


your correct scammed ebay to help them rip many people off big time.I got ripped off I bought three got the first one and it was rubbish.they sent two and I sent them off to USA for testing and valuation.I was shocked as It came back as badly fractured diamond glass or glue filled with heat treatment.I got threated as I decided to not send one back when they asked me for 4000 aud more.I got rung at all hours of the night with threats and abuse.One nigh late they even told my 11yo son that his mum had won some money and it was to bad she wont get it as she was dieing of cancer.This guy from diamond deals knew my wife has lymphoma as I told him when I was trying to get my money back for rubbish first diamond.I rang ebay and pay pal but they did nothing except make it so i could not leave feed back.Today I find all this and am happy that I was not the only one that got ripped off.I would like to walk in their office with a batten in my hand.I lost and have learned.Ebat did turn a blind eye to this for sure!!


diamond deal au delete thier feedback,or deny you being able to put feed back on their site

they are shocking and something ought to be done about their company





well what can I say!!!! Ive been had as well, by this disgusting low life firm. $2000.00 and no ring.

Scott hemming is the founder and he ought to be shot, he is nothing but a lowlife thief!!!!

yes your right no refunds just credits...... and when you do go to choose something, you have to spend more.

:( oh and the person above me his name is patrick, he is the certified jeweller of the this shonky business


I heard that HKD Labs in Thailand are well scammy with many tricks even issuing certificates for fake or treated stones, they might have a branch in Canada but it is still shady, even the name means that people confuse it with the honorable HRD lab of Belgium


If only I had found these comments before I made my diamond purchase from diamond-deal. I receieved the most disgusting diamond. Now I have to pay more for a better quality diamond.


That's right now Michael.Ebay has forced them to change things.

Now maybe people won't be duped.

You may have looked at their site out of curiosity, but wager you a bet that if you buy from them, you won't be a happy chappy!However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and being stung, I'm also entitled to mine.

Ebay can't monitor everything in one go...believe me, they've even told me that, but it helps knowing that they are investigating all the disputes that have been made.


I have looked into diamond deal just out of curiosity.

In actual fact they clearly state on each listing the number of diamonds used in each ring... You just need to read the certificate!

Regarding the use of HKD laboratories in Thailand... These. Are apart of HKD in Canada and all of the evaluators are trained to GIA standards...

Also the FACT that eBay has not closed the store clearly shows that there is NO funny business going on at all...

Concerning blackmailing of customers; it would be more useful for us on hers to see EVIDENCE rather than hearsay... Again if they are still on eBay which is strictly monitored then it seems someone has got their facts wrong...

However this is my opinion... If you can substantiate your claims I would be more than happy to reconsider...


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