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Yes I was emailed too today and asked to review here. I bought a great diamond but not at auction. I bought directly from a buy now after taking advice from Stacy.

Let me explain what you need to know:

Internet auction sites such as can be a great place to find a wide range of diamond engagement rings. Unlike buying from a local auction house, however, it is not possible to see the engagement ring before purchasing it. This means that buyers are totally reliant on the description that the seller gives and any photographs included. There are benefits to buying from an online auction site as it opens up access to rings from all over the world. This gives an extensive choice of engagement rings and also allows a couple to find something that is a little different.

A diamond engagement ring auction sale can be an exciting way to buy the perfect ring. With a little extra effort a great ring can be purchased for a really good price. This ring will bring years of pleasure and will become a future family heirloom.

Monetary Loss: $1780.

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