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I was called today by the lovely Kathy from Diamond deal to ask them to help them because a malicious purchaser has been abusing this site to try and cause these lovely people a problem.

I have known and dealt with these people for 2 years and purchased twice from them. Yes i bought a low quality very ugly diamond from them that I later exchanged when I had more money.

I was happy to have a 1 carat diamond for $975 despite me not liking it very much.

3 months later when I had more money I then upgraded and Mark from diamond deal au gave me 100% of my money back towards my upgrade as they promise on their adverts.

I am surprised to see that there were two nasty commments here on this site. Kathy tells me that I shouldn't say who they are as that would be unfair but really I think that you should be shamed.

I really don't see why these two people from thousands of happy buyers should be allowed to cause such a problem.

I am happy anyway and I am sure if you called Mark and asked hm then he would make you happy too....that is how they make their living anyway!!

Monetary Loss: $2750.

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